mBlock for Windows 7 32 bit


Which version do I have to download? In the download page (http://www.mblock.cc/download/) I can download v3.4.9 for Windows 64 bit (it also supports Win 7 and above, but no info if 32 or 64 bit). There is a version for XP too (v3.4.2)
Help me please.
Thanks a lot


If you are Windows 32 bit user, you could download and use V3.4.9. Because it is designed for Windows 64 bit, it might be some issue during use. Another option is downloading V4.0.1, this version is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit, However, V 4.0.1 is an experimental version so it might be running into bugs during use. You could use V3.4.9 or V4.0.1 for now, and wait for the release of official mBlock V4.0 serial.