Mblock 7.2 tutorial


HI my son is using his mbot tutorial on android device in the story 7.2 of conditions when mbot is picked up turn on red light and play sounds … we use …when clicked … wait until … mbot is picked up … lights up red 1 sec … play not c5 for a quarter beat … but this is incorrect can you please help


Hi Darlene,

Could you take a clear picture for the task in 7-2, I can only see part of it.
Besides, please make sure the Me Line follower sensor is connected properly to Port 2 on the mCore board. Otherwise, the action “mBot is picked up” can’t be detected leading to that program can’t pass.


Cable is plugged in correctly … hope this pic is better


Hi Darlene,

In the task, there is a “Each time”, so you need add a repeat execution for the program. You can use the Block forever {}.

Btw, which country are you in?
Is there any problem for you to understand the task with the “Each time”, will it be better for understanding if we change the “each time” to “Every time”? Look forward to your suggestions on the English translation, thanks!


Thank you we had used forever … just obviously not in the correct place … we are in new Zealand … each time is the correct way for us to understand forever thank you for your help


Good to hear that!
Thanks for clarifying it to us!