Makeblock TFT LCD Screen


Has anyone been able to get this to work?

Plugging it into most ports on the Orion/Uno seem to power it on, but none of the Arduino examples work with it out of the box.

I can’t find any information about this product, pinouts, or any makeblock specific examples so I can’t even tell which pins I should try substituting in the Arduino examples.

Improving Makeblock (Call to the Community!)


Please vist you can find all the information what you need here, include the Arduino examples.



Are you serious?

I’ve looked - I don’t see the TFT LCD screen even mentioned anywhere, let alone showing any examples.


Why do you guys sell stuff that you don’t have any documentation on?


Again, the examples that ship with the Arduino IDE have UNO pins listed, but without a pinout for the Orion, how do I know which pins map to the pins on the screen?

I guess I’ll just keep posting impotent form complaints until someone either admits there is no documentation/examples or links me directly to them.

Great way to do business, guys. Super happy about the support I’m getting so far.


Test code from support email:

Plug TFT LCD screen into Port 5 and run!

void setup() 
void loop() 
	Serial.print("DS32(150,150,'hello world',4);"); 


Makeblock, can you please post some documentation for the serial commands?


@Michal_Benes, what kind of serial command are you point to? could you please give more details?


In the code example above, it seems that the display is controlled by sending commands like


over the serial interface. I only assume that CLS is for “clear screen”, CIR is for circle and BOX is for rectangle. But I cannot find documentation for these commands. (It is better to have an API documentation rather than trying to guess from one example.)


Now, the documentation is available here:
in the section documents. (It wasn’t there when we first asked the question)


What’s the instruction for write anything but string and graph (integer)?



I have come up with a way to display variables on the TFT. This is a work around, but it is a start.

When you look at the Serial.print lines, you notice that a string is required. What I did was break the string down into 3 parts (stringStart, convertedVariable, stringEnd) and inserted a float variable that was converted into a charArray. I modified part of the MeTFT file as the demo. Save a copy of MeTFT.ino, then Copy/Paste the code below to the top (text) section, leaving the graphics alone.

Also, take a look at the Ref link for details on the conversion function.

Good Luck

P.S. I have a couple of non-related comments in the code.

//create some variables - line 1(string), pi(float), mypi(charArray), line3(string)
String line1 = “DS24(0,1,‘Size 24 - hello world’,4);”;
//DS[12 | 16 | 24 | 32 | 48 | 64](pxFromLeft, pxFromTop, ‘string’, color), DS48 appears to be emphasized.
float pi = 3.14159;
char mypi[10];
String line3 = “DS48(1,140,'PI=”; //this is the start of line3’s string

void setup()

void loop()
dtostrf(pi, 6, 5, mypi);
line3.concat(mypi); //append mypi(charArray) to the end of line3
line3.concat("’,1);"); //append the closing parameters to line3

Serial.print(“CLS(0);”); // clear the screen with c color
Serial.print(“DR0;”);// the screen displays in upright way
Serial.print(line1); // display hello world with 32 dot matrix at the position of coordinate (0, 1)
Serial.println(line3);// display pi in 48 dot matrix at the position of coordinate (1, 140)
delay(3000);// wait


Thanks for your post,
It is normal that the TFT LCD only works on the port 5 and not on the others such as : 3, 4 and 6?

Can I have an explanation?


Thanks guys for examples, I struggled also a bit and got finally result with following.
Shows values from few sensors …

MeUltrasonicSensor ultrasonic_3(3);
MeSerial se;
MePort soundsensor_7(7);
MeTemperature temperature_6_1(6,1);
MePort lightsensor_8(8);

void setup()

void loop()
Serial.print(String(“Dist: “)+ultrasonic_3.distanceCm());
Serial.print(String(“Sound: “)+soundsensor_7.aRead2());
Serial.print(String(“Light: “)+lightsensor_8.aRead2());
Serial.print(String(“Temp: “)+temperature_6_1.temperature());



Could you post all of your program please ?

I try to make something print on my TFT LCD screen with a mbot kit …

Thank you ! :slightly_smiling:




I was able to use Arduino 1.6.7 to upload the MeTFT.ino demo file. I only made 2 changes,

#include "MeOrion.h"


#include <MeMCore.h>

and changed PORT_5 to any of the PORTs on the mBot.

The demo ran the same as on the MeOrion.


I know I’m bringing a dead thread back to life but THANK YOU!
Let me explain… I was trying to find a way to get the cursor position to be controlled by a variable. Nothing I tried to do worked. I was using an int for the cursor position. I simply failed to see the entire print line was a string! As soon as that dawned on me, I changed the int to a string and split the command up as you did.
Did I say thank you?


Hi, can I print a bmp image, like a logo, in me TFT monitor?




Hi lucdag,

The Me TFT can only display the default pictures integrated.