Makeblock draw plotter does not appear


I am using the latest released Makeblock on a Mac with my mBot and the LED Matrix. What I add the show drawing block and click in the draw area, the plotter does not appear. I would like to draw a face but do not see the plotting screen. Any idea how to fix that?


Hi zephyr,

Do you use the mBlock 3.4.11?
Could you please let me know the system version of your Mac PC?


Yes 3.4.11. I am using Sierra 10.12.5


Hi zephyr,

We have tested the draw plotter part for LED Matrix on Mac computer, it works okay.

Please kindly clear the cache on your mBlock, then restart it have a try:



I just tried to clear the cache as you said. No difference. When I click in the draw field nothing happens, the plotter box does not appear. Any other ideas I could try?

I am teaching a class Friday and would like to show them how to make faces on the matrix but I cannot get it to work.


Forgot to mention, after I upgraded to Sierra my Mac would crash when I plugged in the USB cable so I followed your recommendation to install the driver CH34x_Install_V1.3. Now my Mac no longer crashes. But the draw plotter does not appear as I described above. Maybe that driver has something to do with it?


Hi zephyr,

Could you please help install the previous version mBlock 3.4.10 have a check to double check if the issue is on the new version mBlock software since our engineers have done test on Mac OS sierra but it doesn’t appear the same problem.

Once still the same issue on mBlock 3.4.10, kindly help take a video to show all your operations and the issue. Thanks!


I tried 3.4.10, same problem as 3.4.11. Here is a video. I am clicking in the draw field but the plotter does not appear.


Just tried 4.0.4 and the plotter works there. But not in 3.4.11.


Hi zephyr,

Thanks for your feedback!
Temporarily, our engineers still can’t reproduce this problem on mBlock 3.4.11with Mac os sierra computer here.
They have recorded this issue and search for further reason. Will inform you if there is further updates.