Makeblock Bluetooth not working


I have a makeblock starter kit and have had lots of fun making silly little programs using the accessories that came with the kit. Recently I added an LED chip to the set up, but ever since I built it in, by bluethooth is not working anymore when the robot is connected to the battery power pack. The light on the bluethooth chip only flickers but doesn’t connect to my iphone anymore.
It does however work perfectly when I disconnect the robot from the battery pack and plug it into a fixed powersource such as a USB charger or my computer.
Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be or suggestions for addressing this problem?


My guess is as follows: The battery pack might not supply enough voltage to use the bluetooth module fully, but while connected to a constant power source like a computer or rechargeable l-ion battery pack, it gives enough voltage for it. I had this very issue as well, the power has to be distributed across everything so yeah. but when a fixed power supply is connected, everything has the same amount of voltage going to each.


Thank you Timtee! That makes sense!