Makeblock and Mbit Android


Dead all,
I checked that with Mbott ranger It is impossible perform any activities with coding. Do you confirm or something is wrong?
Thanks rob


Hi, did you program Ranger with mBlock software or Makeblock app? Could you share your code please?


Just to clarify:
i’m talking about Makeblock and MBLOCK app suitable for ANDROID table/Phone connected by bluetooth. MBOT Range
As Concerning Makeblock=>Create

  1. It seem work well. you see a code based on it.
    1.a) The variable seem work as local and not global. It’s possible declare for instance the variable “Dist” as global so I can use the value on different objects.
    As Makeblock=> Code=>Crea or MBlock=>Crea:
  2. No movement, actions, sound on code that you see in attach
    As Makeblock=> Code=>Storia or MBlock=>Storia
  3. No movement, actions, sound on code that you see in attach


Hi rportulano,

Yes, on the APPs, the variable is local variable.

As for the issue that the robot doesn’t function with sound and movement, we suspect if the battery you use can provide enough power to the robot. May we know what’s kind of battery do you use? Could you please change the battery have a try?
According to our test and research, it is suggested to use rechargeable Li-ion battery or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium which can be bought from amazon or local shop. Or Alkaline battery with good quality like Energizer, DURACELL.

Once there is still issue, please upgrade firmware for mBot Ranger with latest mBlock 3.4.11 have a try refer to this instruction.How to Upgrade Firmware for Ranger with mBlock (358.5 KB)

Besides, here we have tested your program here and the programs works on the Ranger robot:
The robot moves properly when keep pressing the top button or the bottom buttom:


Hello I checked full power of battery. items 2 and 3 remain not working. Please help me