Laserbot mlaser cuts only 95% of each outline


Problem: Only 95% of the outline is lasered when cutting filled-up shapes.
Config: mlaserV2.4 with laserbot

Cuting line-drawing works OK, the whole outline is lasered.
But when using filled-up shapes(complete black), only 90 a 95% of the outline is cut.
I use the ‘cut’ mode, not engrave.
I suspect that the SW which calculates the outline is missing a part of the outline.
For example, when I cut bold letters, the letters stays connected with the outside because the outline is only cut 95%. I have the problem always with all filled-up shapes + ‘cut’ mode.

Anyone know how to overcome this problem ?


Hi IvoPieck,

This is a issue on mLaser software. Our engineers are developing a new software which will support the Laserbot and solve the this problem. Please kindly wait for it.


What I’ve observed is that simple SVG elements like squares do not do well. In SVG a square is defined by its height and width, so the software says “Cut X units over and Y units down, then close the shape!” which results in a triangle.
I’ve overcome this by editing the SVG in Adobe Illustrator by selecting all and converting everything into a “compound path”.
This means the resulting SVG code will have a single element that contains all the coordinates.
I believe you can do this in free software like Inkscape as well.

I know this is a really brief description, so let me know if you need more details.


Hi my laserbot does not cut completely all shapes. The M test works but i did a square test .png and it didnt look good here is an example.20180217_175412
Thanks henry


Hi Sladka,

I can’t see the image you sent, could you send the cut result and the original png file to the email address