Insanely high shipping estimates


I like to report a bug in your shipping estimate system. I have tried emailing ntec-support but I have not received any reply.

I am trying to make a purchase through your website for shipping to Hong Kong, however, the shipping estimate using SF Express is constantly at $1000 USD no matter how small the order, which is impossible.

The SF Express website ( gives an estimate of 51 RMB for the equivalent weight (4.5 KG).

Please advise on how to proceed, thanks!


Hi czy,

Sorry for the trouble caused.
I have informed the colleague who in charge of the email for this case. The related person will reply you today.
Btw, do you know we have the local distributor in HongKong?


Yes someone has contacted me about the local distributor and I will make this purchase through them. Thanks!


It has been four months since my last order and the shipping estimate problem above has still not been fixed on the website. Do you not intend to fix this issue?

I understand that there is a distributor in Hong Kong, but for small orders, it is more convenient to pay via paypal.



Hi czy,

Sorry to hear that the issue hasn’t be solved.
I have forwarded this to related department who will contact you regarding this issue.


Hi, I still have not been contacted and the issue has not been fixed. Could someone please get their act together?


Hi czy,

Our sales colleague Kate has contacted you. Please kindly check if you received her email.
Any question, you can communicate with Kate directly. Hopefully your problem can be solved soon.