Input voltage & current from a battery


Hi, I would like to know that what is the maximum possible voltage and current for the mBot ranger to use as a power source? (external battery/adapter)
In the manual I found that the voltage should be 9-12V, but my external power source sometimes output voltages like 12.8V, is this a problem?
And what is the maximum recommended current? Could be a problem for the mBot ranger or for it’s components (ultrasonic sensor, arduino board, etc.) if the current from the battery would be 1-2A?
For example I have found this battery.
Is it suitable? Or can it damage the product?


Think about it, or if you have much money try it :slight_smile:
If the output voltage is higher then the recommended voltage range - what do you think?
Yes select a different one which has an output voltage of 9-12V e.g 10V …

Current limit is mostly important for the charging of the battery. There is a regulator in the Auriga - so I guess that is not a problem. Anyway the sensors will not draw high currents - that can happen only with the motor, or in case of a short circuit…