I need help using the MegaPi shield for RJ25


Hi everyone,
I am desperately seeking help to use the MegaPi shield for RJ25 for Min and Max micro switches on 3 axis, XYZ.
I am running a CNC machine with the MegaPi board and would really like to run a home process at the beginning of my jobs to start from zero for a second cutting.
Any help is appreciated.


The MegaPi shield for RJ25 is used to turn pins on MegaPi into Makeblock RJ25 ports so that you can connect MegaPi with Makeblock electronic modules. Why do you use the shield if you don’t need to use the RJ25 Ports?


i want to use the rj25 ports to run limit switches on XYZ axis.


If you use such kind of micro switch.
Normally, it can be connected to MegaPi board directly. You may refer to the wiring connection of our Laserbot, but our laserbot only have two axis which may be a little different with your three axis machine.

If you want to connect the limit switch through MegaPi Shield for RJ25, this is the correct connection: Micro switch–> Me RJ25 Adapter–>MegaPi Shield for RJ25-->MegaPi.


i need help with the programming. If i just plug the parts in nothing happens.
i have all the parts and connections.


i am unsure what the “keyset” is that is required to make the part function?
re: ports 6,7,8


@ tec_support.

have i written this right?


Hi Lootr,

I am sorry that I am afraid I don’t have enough ability to support on the program for personal project. Need study hard to become more knowledgeable. Hope someone who has similar project may help further.

But I don’t think you can match an RJ25 port to a pin like point the Port_6 to A9 since each of the RJ25 Port (port 6/7/8) contains several pins.