How to solve turial 5-5 (mBlock for iPhone, Ranger)



I enjoy mBot Ranger with mBlock for iPhone.
My program for 5-5 looks fine but mBlock did not say OK.

Could someone help me?


Hi yhirose,

Sorry that there is translation problem on 5-5, the correct program show on picture below:

We will update the translation on our APP and fix it asap, thanks for your feedback!


Il manque surtout une boucle comme celle ci dessus. Comme contrôle je n’ai que attendre jusqu’à. Le reste est verrouillé !


Hi LouisBot,

So have you passed the 5-5 in french?
Here is a picture for 5-5 in french:


Dear Tec_support,

Thanks for your support, I understood the problem.
Shall I assist the translation, though I don’t know how to do?

Best wishes.


Dounjour LouisBot,

Merci beaucoup.
Thanks for your information, I could overcome 5-5.

Thanks a lot!!


Hi yhirose,

We’d like to invite you to join in our translation projects. Please find the instruction via :slight_smile: