How to override the safety lock of MAKEBLOCK 180 OPTICAL ENCODER MOTOR


We have an upcoming competition in less than 72 hours. We desperately need help on how to override the safety lock on the MakeBlock 180 Optical Encoder Motor.

We are using the mAuriga (mBot Ranger) board. We are using 2 MakeBlock 180 Optical Encoder Motors to power our threads (Those tank wheel things). We have a task to make the bot go through things like small rocks, gravel, sand, etc. However, we encountered a problem. Whenever the bot goes through the small rocks, the safety lock will make the bot stop. How do we solve this problem?

If you need a video example, please message me for one. Thank you!

Please help and reply as soon as possible. Thank you! <3


Hi StanleyPines,

The 180 optical doesn’t have the safety lock design.
For your description, we think it is the power discharge issue while Ranger goes through the small rocks.
You may need to check your application environment and use rechargeable Li-ion battery with good quality.


Alright. Thank you very much for the quick reply! :smiley: My team and I will try to work on that problem. Thanks again! :smiley: If you have any suggestions to fix, it would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Do you have any idea what can cause the power discharge? I can supply photos or videos if need be. A quick response would be splendid. :smiley:


Hi StanleyPines,

My suggestion is to buy a powerful battery. Since when the robot run through the small rocks, there are larger resistance. The motors may need more power from battery to overcome the resistance and move forward.