How to make a circuit game


can i put a wire in mBot (mCore circuit board) , when the wire is closed, the mBot will return a value to the program?


Check the “Wiring mode” image for the RJ25 adapter:

So get a RJ25 adapter and attach your wires to the RJ25 slot instead of the micro switch. In the Makeblock software, you should then be able to query the open/closed state using the blocks for the micro switch.


I can try it on Orion Board but I found that it cannot work with the same program on my mBot. Why?


Try the “Limit switch” block instead and tell me if that worked.


After restoring the default program of mBot, i find i can use it with the limit switch block! Thank you very much!
But one more question is that i can’t use the touch sensor with the touch sensor block. Actually, i think the concept is the same, but why doesn’t work?
ScreenHunter 53


Hi, no clue, I don’t have that sensor.