Home-made remote controlled tank with face detection



I have been working on a tank-prototype project for about 4 months, and here it is :slight_smile: .

Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4JmGYAN5lw

Photos: http://imgur.com/a/NBYod

Progress Photos: imgur.com/a/TQPoO

Project features:

  • Remote controlled by an Android phone.

  • Wheel suspension.

  • Camera can be controlled separately.

  • Has the ability to Lock on human faces.

  • Shooting (4 Leds are replacing this feature at the moment - in order to Simulate a “Future laser weapon”).

Main Parts:

  • Main board: PcDuino v3

  • 2 DC Motors for movement

  • 2 Servo Motors for camera control.

  • Microsoft HD Cam

  • The robot itself is built with MakeBlock aluminium parts.

  • LifePo4 Battery