Help using slide potentiometer


I am trying to use a slide potentiometer and seeing strange behavior. I thought this would be used exactly like the normal potentiometer but maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I can connect a normal (knob) potentiometer and display the value on the seven segment display and all is fine. I see values from 0 to 976. But if I use the slide potentiometer then I see values that are from about 400 to 520. But what is really strange is that if I don’t move the potentiometer at all the values will still drift substantially. For example, the 520 above will drift down to below 400 in just a few seconds. Effectively the potentiometer is unusable. I have two potentiometers and they both behave the same way so I don’t think that just one is defective.

Is there some other way to read these potentiometers?




What kind of potentiometer do You use?


The makeblock slide potentiometer.


Hi sandbender,

Which program block do you use to read the value from the slide sandbender?

For slide potentiometer, please use the program for Joystick Module in mBlock and read the X value. And the value range for slid potentiometer is from -490 to 533.


Using the joystick X axis does indeed work. Thanks for the help.