Help Needed - Unable to get it to work


Hi Everyone my partner bought me this laser engraver for a xmas present. I set it up yesterday, and upon power up i got the motors to move and the laser to come on lightly. I then followed the setup guide on this site, updating fireware etc and now i cannot get anyhting from the laser or drives ?? Any ideas would be great please.



Which robot do you have? Is it Laserbot or XY Plotter?
Please kindly take a picture for the robot you assembled?


Hi this is the item i bought:

I believe its a XY laser engraver.





This is not our product. We only have the Laserbot and XY Plotter available for sell.


Do you know where i can go for support?


I am not sure what is the brand of your robot, I think you can check its brand and look for their support on their official website.