Help needed in solving mBlock for mBot (iPad) level 7: Condtion 7-6



My name is Daphne, I am 10 years old and got an mBot for my birthday. I started practicing with the mBot via the mBlock exercises on my iPad. I am trying to solve exercise 6 of level 7 (condition) in the mBlock software for a long time now and I can’t succeed.

The assignment is: "Every time when the mBot is picked up, the mBot will play a note, turn left, then turn right. It will stop moving when it is put down.

The programming blocks available are:
[section MOVE]
-> forward 1 second af the speed of 150
-> keep moving forward at the speed of 150
-> stop moving
[section SHOW]
-> play note C5 for a quarter second
-> lights up left {red} right {red}
[section SENSE]
-> obstacle ahead
-> mBot is picked up
[section CONTROL]
-> forever

The assignment starts with the following setup

    [when > clicked]
               [if] [mbot picked up]
               [then] [lights up left {orange} right {orange}]
               [if] <empty>
               [then] <empty>

We tried:

    [when > clicked]
               [if] [mbot picked up]
               [then] [play note C5 for a quarter second]
                        [turn left 1 second at the speed of 150]
                        [turn right 1 second at the speed of 150]
               [stop moving]

Somehow I am missing the “[if] [then] [else]”-program block and am not able to complete the assignment successfully with the given blocks.

Did anyone succeed or know the solution?

Best regards,



Hi Daphne,

You should have the same problem wit this user.
As suggested there, please kindly update the mBlock APP on your iPad to the latest version.


I have same problem. On iTunes app store, it is not fixed yet. Latest version still has wrong Level 7-6.


Hi kafkated,

Thanks for your feedback, we will update the APP on iTunes app store in about three days.
Here is the actual task for 7-6 to you for reference first.