Failed to compile using the Arduino extension


Hello all,

I tried to compile a very simple mBot program by using the Arduino extension, all seem fine except the servo block. Someone could lend me a helping hand on this? Whats wrong with the program? I have already attached a servo on pin 9 on the mCore.


Hi, Newtonhui,
Because the header you were selecting is “mBot program”, and it cannot work together with block commands from Arduino extension. Anyway, if you would like to use commands from Arduino extension, then you need to change the header as “Arduino Program”, and do not select command blocks under mBot program.


Hi XW_makeblock,
Thanks for your reply. I would like to know if it is possible to combine the “Arduino Program” and “mBot Program” mode together in a sketch? Because I like the “ease of use” of the mBot program mode, but I also love the “Precision control” of the Arduino Program mode.


Hi newtonhui,

The program block under the Arduino are special for Arduino uno boards. The mBot program head is special packaged so that it can identify the RJ25 ports on mCore board but can’t identify the arduino pins.

If you want to program it with higher precision, you can program the robot in Arduino software.