Does mBlock/Bluetooth work on Linux?


Hello All,

I am new to mBlock and Makeblock. I bought an mBot v1.1 for the family for Christmas, but cannot connect a Linux (Debian jessie) to the mBot via bluetooth.

The mBot works, and I’ve been about to get mBlock working (I had to install all the i386 libraries) and can connect by USB, but not bluetooth. I know bluetooth works, as the android app will connect my phone to it.

Has anyone been able to get bluetooth workng under linux? Is there a guide out there.

Many thanks in advance.



Hi Mike,

The Linux version mBlock support Bluetooth connection. But you need disconnect the USB connection between mBot and PC.
Once still the problem, may we know the details of the problem whiel you connecting mBlock to mBot Bluetooth. If it is possible, please take a video to show your operation and the problem during connecting Bluetooth to linux version mBlock.