Controlling Ultimate 2.0 Kit MegaPi from Raspberry


I own an Ultimate 2.0 Kit and I built the Robotic Arm Tank that works fine.
I would like to control it via a Raspberry Pi using Python.
I have read the page but I am not clear on the simplest way to connect my Raspberry to the MegaPi
Do I absolutely need to buy a connector and soldier it?
Can I use a USB connection?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.


Hi svinchon

It can’t be connected to MegaPi via USB cable. Here is a post talking about the connection to you for reference.



Thank you for the feedback.

So if I understand correctly, I need to get an adapter (in the red box in the below picture below) and soldier it to the MegaPi…

Do you provide such adapters?
Do such adapters have a specific name / code so I can order from someone else if you don’t provide them?





Hi svinchon,

Yes, you need the adapter, it is the Female Header Connector with double row pin (each row has 5 pins and the pin distance is 2.54mm).

You can buy such Female connector from local shop or amazon.


I am trying to do something similar. I have the MegaPI and Raspberry Pi, as well as the connector. I have followed the instructions from e.g. changing Raspberry Pi settings/config, but it doesn’t seem to work. Running any code gets stuck on ‘init MegaPi’, whether or not the Raspberry Pi is connected or not…