Console log in mblock



I am trying to developp an extention for mblock (in scratch mode)

is there any way to see the console.log i use in my javascript? or any other method to debug my extention?

as of now the only feedback i get is crash or no crash and it’s not very helpfull.

Using Gamepad API in extensions

Hi Ether,

Have you refered to this document to add extension on mBlock?


Yes i did,

the only thing the document mention is the “trace()” function, but i not manage to make it work, plus, having to switch repeatedly to arduino mode while the extention i’m making is not compatible with arduino seem counter intuitive,

and finaly this method give no feedback at all if your extention crash at launch.


Any idea?


Currently there is no more debugging device for extension Javascript other than the “trace()” function.
Technically, the Scratch Mode runs on a Javascript interpreter provided by Flash, which is quirky and limited in function. Now you know how much effort did it take on the Makeblock team to make a Scratch version for (so many kinds of) robots.

In the next generation of mBlock (not released yet), Makeblock is considering a better way to debug Javascript extensions.