Connecting High-Power Encoder Motor Controller with Arduino


I have two dc motors “34:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx52L mm HP 6V with 48 CPR Encoder”. How can I connect “me high power motor encoder controller” to arduino? I need a wiring diagram. Please help!




Hi cpoyraz,

The Me high power is supposed to connecting to makeblock mainboard through the RJ25 port.
As for connecting to to arduino board, we don’t have such instruction. I have sent you a circuit schematic of the Me high power encoder motor driver to your email address, hope you can figure out the connections for the pins between the driver and arduino.


could i have one of those schematics as well? Is wired that you tell us in the store webpage under this encoder drivers that you are giving us pins on the board to use it with arduino but then you cant explain why… Can you maybe explain me then how could i connect this motor drivers to a megaPi board? Or at least explain it for me which pin on the board is for what? because You specify on the same website that you are giving us 6 pins to connect to arduino board and then there is 18 of them there. Anything please!


Hi setsys,

I have sent the schematics to your email address.

On our web store, there is a demo showing how to connect it to the Me Orion board and the High power encoder motor driver.

This driver can’t be used on the MegaPi board since MegaPi has its special driver named megapi encoder/dc motor driver.


Ok what then this stands for?

“• Six mounting holes which allows the driver to be connected with robot cars or other structures;”

Also if I connect the motors to the encoder drivers on megapi instead of the ones I “purchased” for no reason since they can be connected only with Orion board would that burn the board and the motors?
Another question: is there any way to control this driver board with arduino using the pins onthe board for example line the L298N board?
Would you be able to explain it to me which pin on the board stands for what? Meaning I know every single pin has its name but you guys don’t explain which one stands for what. I’m a bit new with coding and electronics and I will probably finally figure it out and I know you will tell me to learn more about arduino and programming but that is the thing. You guys sell your products (and please don’t get me wrong I do love your products and I personally rather use your boards then original) but you guys say that it’s really easy to use them and program them even tho it’s not like that.
My frustrasion is only because I did purchase 2 sets of high-power encoder motors with the driver boards and basically right now you are telling me I can throw it in the garbage because the only way to use them is with Orion board which in my opinion it doesn’t give to much of freedom to use it and program it without your shields and other boards thru RJ cables. I understand completely that you guys created products that can work with your products but why are you saying we can use it with everything if then you don’t give us any tutorials how to do it whatsoever. I see also that most of the time people ask you questions you guys refer to your web that explains how to do what but that’s not the way it is because on the web you guys just explain the very very basics how to use it. For example we cave opportunity to connect megapi with raspberry pi and you show how to do it but the you are not giving us any examples or tutorials how to actually program anything to work there. in my way of thinking shouldn’t be that since you created the boards and else that you can explain more instead sending us just to the web? I’m really trying to create something really cool with your boards and mechanical parts and I would love to share the idea of it with you guys when I’m finally done but it’s a little hard when the only thing you giving is boards and just basics. And please really I might sound rude but I really do not mean anything bad.
I actually did ménage to connect this driver boards to megapi and I did make the motors run even tho you are saying it’s not possible but that’s about it, I have no recognition how I can control them or else.
Another question: if I use the encoder motors that comes to those high-power driver boards just as a DC motors would that harm the motors to use them in future with something else?
Another question: on the RJ connection on the driver board there is a pin “V-M” what does that stands for?
Another question: is there any way to connect more power to the megapi board then 12V or the only way is tu use shields?
And final question: is there any possibility you guys are planning to crest a DC motor driver board with high-power and Amp?
I really have tons of ideas how would be awesome to use your products, and would love to share them with you guys or possibly even work on them with you guys just because what is there of that you are selling it’s really narrowed to only use it with your products which unfortunaly is not that many to choose from.
I’m really sorry for all the questions and really looking farward for your answers.
Thank you and best regards :slightly_smiling_face: