Communicating with Me Bluetooth Module


I got Me Bluetooth module from Inventor kit. Hooked it up on port 3 of Orion board. And uploaded SlaveBluetoothSoftSerialTest Arduino sketch (from Examples in the library) to the board. My Android phone app (developed by myself) is able to connect it to the module (blue LED being steady) and send a piece of message. The serial monitor (from Arduino IDE) reads some strange characters. I was unable to figure out how to send a message that would be read correctly.

So, what kind of device should I use to send a message? Is there Arduino client sketch available that is able to send a message to the module successful?

I also have Mbot, Ranger and soon Starter, all in Bluetooth versions.


If you are seeing strange characters it might be a baud rate issue. Try changing to different baud rates in the serial monitor to see if that is the issue.


I changed the baud rate to 9600 for both bluetooth and serial monitor. It receives the same character, 255 no matter what my app sends. Should I send the sketch with some mods? By email?

PS: I got your first eBook and read the first 12 chapters.


I tried another Android app by someone else, Bluetooth Terminal. Same results, no valid messages. I already change baud rate to 9600.

Wonder if SlaveBluetoothSoftSerialTest Arduino sketch from the libraries folder is really workable. Please advice.


At this point, I’d have to refer you to @tec_support for the fastest answer. I’ll have to do some research on it but @tec_support might already have that information. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Chuck.



You can post the sketch here either directly in the forum or as an attachment. If you post in the forum, be aware that it uses Markdown and you will need to precede each line of code with four spaces. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a bit buried getting a FIRST Tech Challenge team started up, but my time should open up over the weekend if @tec_support hasn’t gotten back to you before then.

Thanks for buying the book. I hope you find it helpful!



Hi BotCoder,

The example program "SlaveBluetoothSoftSerialTest " for Bluetooth under Makeblock library doesn’t have the problem.
We upload it to the Orion board (Bluetooth module is connected to Port 3 of Orion). On mobile device, we download the Mobile phone Bluetooth serial assistant and send the data to the Bluetooth module through the assistant, the serial monitor on Arduino can receive the deta.


Thank you for reply.

I do have the example for Orion board. May I ask where the phone app is located so I could try the communication with my Android phone.


The mobile APP we used is a Chinese version, so it is not practical for you to use. We would suggest you to search key words like “Bluetooth assistant app” on Google play, then you will find a good one to download.


Thank you, folks. I will try Google app available to understand the better part of Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.

@chuckmcknight, I have emailed you a message at site.


BotCoder, One thing to check is the “buzzer” switch. Turn it off. The buzzer uses the I2C and causes read/write failure.


I don’t see any switch on those boards for the buzzer: mBot, Ranger, nor Starter. Any suggestion?