Cannot upload firmware



I just have a new mbot (in fact it is for my son but impossible to give it to him since nothing works except remote control), succeed to connect with mblock (V.3.4.11) with usb on a Mac with OS High Sierra. But I am unable to upload firmware or even unable to upload code to Arduino …
I apply driver modification proposed here , but nothing changed…
Can somebody help me ?


Hi Eric1,

Sorry to hear about the issue.
Is it due to that the serial port of mBot can’t be detected on your Mac while upload firmware for it?
If yes, please download and install the Arduino driver for Mac os high sierra from this link have a check.

The serial port for mBot should be similar to /dev/tty.wchusbserial1410 on Mac.



Thanks for your feedback. I have launched CH34x_Install_V1.4.pkg but I have still as name of serial ports Makeblock-ELTSPP or Bluetooth-Incoming-Port… Finally the only name of serial port is Bluetooth-Incoming-Port… Any hint ???


Hi Eric1,

The Makeblock-ELTSPP is the serial port for the Bluetooth connection between the mBot and Mac.
You need disconnect the Bluetooth connection from mBot when connect the USB cable to Mac.
Could you please temporarily remove the Bluetooth module from mBot, then test if the mBlock can detect the serial port for the USB connection between mBot and Mac?



Late reply because we were not in house these days .We just remove the bluetooth module and nothing change. The only serial port proposed is named /dev/tty.Bluetooth-Icoming-Port and when I try to upgrade firmware loading is stucked…


Hi Eric1,

In this case, we may still suspect the arduino driver hasn’t been installed successfully.
When you download and install the driver from this link, have you tried this reminder.

Besides, do you have another computer have a check? Or maybe you can change a USB port on Mac have a check too.



Thanks a lot, it’s working now ! I just try to control bot through usb and it is ok, tomorrow
I’ll try without usb cable. You were right I uploaded the driver but not push at the right moment my Mac to accept it, since I did it as soon I relaunch the computer after installation of the driver it seems to operate perfectly.
Thanks for your help.