Can you please fix the Makeblock Store?


Some weeks ago, I purchased 20+ items. They are still in my shopping cart and even if I delete them, they will be back the next time I visit. And when I login, another 9 items are added. Please? This makes it super-annoying to be a Makeblock customer?


@jenschr The same kept happening with me too


@jenschr@ethanscott please tell me which country are you ordering items from. I will send an engineer to investigate this.


Hi Ethanscott & jenschr,
Sorry if any trouble caused.
We tried check the order with your email address, nothing appear.
We have colleague checked that we can delete for you. But we need know how did you operate and saw the order come again. Please take screen shot of that and video of your operation to corresponding colleague Darcy email:


Hi Darcy. Thanks for reaching out. I’ve just emailed you this link that is a screen recording of me emptying the shopping basket (one item at a time since there is no “delete all” or “empty basket”). I then login and all the items are added back + some new ones. You can also briefly see the order in which I received all these components. After I delete it all, everything is gone, but when I login tomorrow - all the same items will be in my basket :-/

Here is the link to the video also:


Hi ethanscott,
Please make sure you have login your own account, then delete the order you want to delete.
If you haven’t login, deleting does not take effect and you will see those deleted orders when you login your account.