BraggBot: A 3D delta printer


My DIY 3D delta printer based on makeblock for structure and linear motion. Enjoy!!52274&ithint=folder,jpg&authkey=!AOFKBpssYGdjYxQ


Looks awesome! Running Marlin or Repetier?


I’m running LinuxCNC on the Machinekit image (BeagleBoneBlack + BeBoPr++ hardware)


MakeBlock also conveniently supports mods… Here it allowed for easy attachments of polycarbonate sheets to enclose the build volume.


Heh very nice


I gave MakeBlock a shoutout!


Last update for this post. Time for a new project! It has been fun.


Where have you gotten the arm parts, i’m planing on building a delta robot but haven’t found any linkage arms that I like.


The carbon fiber rods I used:

The rods were held by stand-offs that I eventually replaced with 3D printed thinner ones:

The recessed magnets were from amazon: “Neodymium Magnets 1/4 x 1/4 inch Cylinder N48”

The ball joints used were designed by Hayden:

The youtube video outlines all of this:

Hope this helps!