Bitbloq in France


Hi. I just discover that i can use Bitbloq to program the ranger in a chromebook but they redirect me to the makeblock spanish website (

It’s free if i buy the robot in spain but if we buy it in France i need to pay 8€ per robot?
I’m from France and i want to use the robots in my high school but we have chromebooks. I have to go to spain to buy the robots? really?


Hi, you don’t really need to “travel” to Spain, you can buy them on the online store (or pay the 8€ license)

In any case, we would be glad the same arrange that we have made with Bitbloq Spain with your regular distributor. Please, give us his contact and we will offer him to include the free license on their robots.


I would be interested in findng more information about this software if you have some… and how we can get it in Canada


Hello Daniel,

This is Alberto, from Spain, responsible of Bitbloq development.

Bitbloq is an Open Source platform for learning programming and robotics, specially aimed for schools but that can be used to program at home.

Currently Bitbloq supports several Arduino Kits and Robots, including Makeblock Robots. To use Makeblock inside Bitbloq you need a license (you are free to try it without license)

We have an agreement with the Spanish Makeblock distributor ( so that he includes a free license on his products.

As you live in Canada, please, write me to and I will get a free license for you and any other information you might need.