Ben Box laser stepper motor


Started good night gather my bandbox laser but one of the stepper motor had a broken wire . Where can I get a stepper motor from for it. 36h22m– 0404a15 – Z p/n 102800018 s/n 61112040109

Or is there someone I can contact for Support I can’t find anything


Hi Lum,

Do you have the Makeblock XY plotter showing on picture below?
If yes, could you please send the following info to email address

  1. the broken one is the motor cable or the motor?
  2. Could you take a picture to show the broken parts?
  3. was the broken coming from the package at beginning?
  4. The receipt for purchasing the XY plotter.
  5. Please help take a picture for the barcode on the color box of the XY potter and provide to us. Thanks!


My stepper motor was disabled when I got my Set up. I haven’t been able to put it together or get it working because one motor wire was broke. For some reason there’s no part number , item number or anything on it.You guys could just send me another one and I will bust this one and send it to you because I don’t know what else is wrong with you I haven’t even got it powered up yet . Somebody help me out because I’m disabled and I will use this to try to make some money spent all I had and it doesn’t work. Will you even be everywher somebody help me out because I’m disabled and I will use this try to make some money spent all I had and it doesn’t work.
2665 deepbranch rd. LUMBERTON NC 28360


Hi Lum,

I am sorry to hear that!
May we know where and when you bought the robot? Could you please kindly send its receipt and the images for the broken parts to the email provided. Without these info, I am afraid that we don’t know how to help you further. Hope you can understand.


I need stepper motor 388228M – 040-4815-s
Pin number 10280001B
S/N 161112040109

About my laser engraver back in October but there is no writing on it to describe anything about it. It came with a broken wire at the motor that cannot be repaired. I am technician so I could have repaired if it would have been able to be. But all I need is a little motor that I cannot find anywhere to buy one or find any specs to tell me what kind of motor it is to find one to replace it with.
can take a picture of it and send it to you but for


I’m still hoping to get this one working and if this one takes off very well I can start making personal images with a better engraver if I can get this one working right with the software


Hi Lum,

Is it possible for you to take a picture for your laser engraver and stepper motor?
If you can confirm it is our XY plotter 2.0 robot, then you can buy this 42BYG Stepper motor.