Been unable to connect to the mBot using 2.4 wireless


I’m new to all this but wanted to get my son involved with robotics and coding as he is doing it at school.

I have been able to connect using the USB but not via the wireless connect. I have tried all sorts that i have found on the web. Can anyone help?

When i click on connect then on 2.4 serial the make doesnt appear against the connect.

Thank you


Hi Jelly2007,

Please refer to these instructions to connect the mBot to PC via 2.4G have a try.18.How to connect 2.4G wireless to my (11.8 KB)
1. How to Upgrade Firmware for (690.6 KB)

Once there is still problem, could you please kindly take a video to show your operation and the behaves of the problem which would be helpful to locate the cause. Thanks!

Besides, here is a FAQ list for mBot to you for reference.