Auriga & Line follower array - port/pin


I see that line follower array supports only ports 1-4.

I guess I only need to add Port 6-10 into definitions, and pin values for each port.
From code I see that port 1 is connected to pin 12 on mBlock, and port 2 is connected to pin 10.

Does enyone knows which pin shall I use por Auriga ports 6-10?


On Auriga board I connected LineFollowing Array to port 10.

According to this schematics (, it seems Port 10 is using A11 and A6.
Those lines are leading to microcontroller pins 86 and 91.

I tried to use values 86 and 91. But it does not work…

Does anybody have idea how to solve this problem?
Does anybody uses Line Following Array with Auriga (Ranger) board?


Do you know which pin shall I use for connecting Line Follower Array to Auriga board?


Hi Flek_new,

Actually, the Me line follower array only support Arduino program.There is an example program in this link.

While on mBlock software, there is an extension for using the Me line follower array with mCore board only, so it only support RJ25 Port1~ RJ25 Port 4. This extension was written by users and only support mCore board.

Are you going to write a mBlock extension for using the line follower array with Auriga board? I am afraid this is beyond our ability to support, but here I can give you some tips I know.

  1. The signal control pin of the Me Line follower array is S2
  2. When you connect it to RJ25 Port 10 on Auriga, I think the S2 pin is corresponding to pin A11 on Auriga board.
    When you connect it to RJ25 Port 9 on Auriga, I think the S2 pin is corresponding to pin A12 on Auriga board.
  3. The RJ25 Port 1~RJ25 Port 4 on Auriga board don’t work with the Me line follower array.
    Hope above points help and you can figure it out.


Yes, I am trying to write extension for Auriga to use Line Follower Array.
For now I am using extension for mBot, and there I saw Port 1 is using pin 12.
I tried to do it similar for Auriga: connect line follower array to Port 10. From schematics I see it is A11. And your answer just confirmed it.
But I do not know hot to specify it to physical pin. I tried 91 and 86… And it did not work…


Can you comment my last post?
Which port values shall I use to access A11 or A12


Hi Flek_new,

As you marked on the schematic picture, the A11 is corresponding to pin 86 on the main chip.
According to the original program, it looks like there may not need to use the pin 86. You may try Port 9: A12 and Port 10 :A11.


I tried to use following pins: 83, 84, 85, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91.
Each time, I connected Line Follower Array to approriate Port(7-10).
And every time I got 0 as readout from Line Follower Array.

My modification in LineArray.s2e file is as follows:

I tried similar program on mBot, and everything works OK.
I got some value between 0 and 63.
Whit that, I verified that Line Follower Array hardware works correctly.

Can you tell me how can I connect Line Follower Array to Auriga board.
Which value shall I use in LineArray.s2e to access any of ports from 6 to 10?


Hi Flek_new,

In this case, hope you can figure it out by yourself. Except the info we can provide, this is really beyond our support ability.
For the connection, the line follower array can be connected to Port 6~Port 10 on the Me Auriga board.