Arduino Step Motors?


I have recently started to try and learn Arduino, as mBlock does not have all the functions that I need for my project. I have learned the basics for what I need to know from mBlock Arduino mode, and much of my code is based completely off of mBlock. After posting a few programming questions on Arduino forums, people began saying that my code often doesn’t make sense, as It is pieced together from many different examples. I know these are some side effects of being new to Arduino, but many of the comments were regarding the default code from mBlock. The main issue that I am having is controlling the stepper motors, a lot of people have said that the code like


does not do anything, it is actually just using the

void _loop()

function, my question is what do I do to get control over the step motors when I put those commands in a function? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



Here is a link to give simple introduction about Arduino program.

If you program the stepper motor, normally, you need program for the stepper motor driver. Please see the example programs for reference in this link.

After you installed the arduino software and Makeblock, you can find the example programs for reference:

Hope above helps and you can figure out the arduino programs for your personal application.