App Inventor Extension 2.02 Test - please discard the post (all mentioned tests passed)



Wanna test some modules using App Inventor Extension 2.02. For the Starter (Orion), tested Light Sensor module with the following AI blocks below. It passed. By replacing some of them with Ultrasonic Sensor blocks, it failed. However, for the mBot (mCore), it passed with Ultrasonic Sensor blocks.

Please advise.



Hi BotCoder,

Here is an example program provided by our engineer and it works okay. You can modify your program refer to the following program:

If there is still problem, please paste the program you write to test ultrasonic sensor on Starter.


Thank you for your reply.

My version above works just fine. I think it was because the connection for the ultrasonic sensor wasn’t secured.

Sorry for bothering you.