Airblock programming duration not working



Got our Airblock this week … Thanks!
While creating our own code I found a problem:

When I tell the Airblock to go straight for for 2 seconds it works.
When I add another block to turn left after the 2 seconds the duration is ignored.

Please see a video at …



Hi MikeSeeH,

We have provided feedback with this case to our APP engineers. Will let you know the updates later.


Hi MikeSeeH,

We have verified this issue, this is program block design problem which will be fixed in next version Makeblock APP. Thanks for the feedback again.



It’s now August and still not working.
We have to constantly use ‘wait’ … any update?



Also in development mode and play mode the distances for e.g. 2 sec is different.


Hi MikeSeeH,

A new version Makeblock APP 3.0.3 has been published, please try it.