Software connexion problem


Hi, i’ve just setup my brand new Laserbox, and i’m eager to use it. I installed the latest version of laserbox software on a win10 computer but the usb connexion didn’t work. I tried with ethernet method, but it’s the same : i always have the window “connect your computer to the laserbox with …”. I tried on another win7 computer, it didn’t work no more. Could you help me, please, thank you.



you can follow the steps as below:
1.Uninstall current laserbox software which already installed in your PC,some files may delected by your Antivirus software.

2.Close all the Antivirus software in your PC,and install laserbox software again.

3.Install the driver for the laserbox for connecting,in this link you can check the details for CH34 driver installing.(pls select add new device while connecting with laserbox)