DC Motor Encoder and Driver Test Project


Hi everyone,

Our first New product test project is coming. We have finished the design of the Encoder of our DC motor and the encoder motor driver.

Some customers like @Georges has made some discussions of the motors + encoder here in our forum. Thanks for all of your supports. Actually, we already started this project, now we nearly finish it, We want to share with you even in testing phase. we hope with you involved in the testing phase, we can develop a better product together with you.

Firstly, let me introduce our new products of the Encoder motor and the Encoder Motor Driver.
1. Encoder

We have designed a two-channel Hall effect encoder. The quadrature encoder provides a resolution of 12 counts per revolution of the motor shaft when counting both edges of both channels. To compute the counts per revolution of the gearbox output, multiply the gear ratio by 12. It is used to sense the rotation of a magnetic disk on a rear protrusion of the motor shaft as the following picture shows.

What’s more this encoder can be connect to both the DC Motor-25 and the DC Motor-37 . So if you have already got a DC motor from us, you can just buy the encoder to make your DC motor to a encoder one. It can also connect to other DC motor with a tail shaft.

The motor/encoder has six color-coded, 11" (28 cm) leads terminated by a 1×6 female header with a 0.1″ pitch. This header works with standard 0.1″ male headers and our male jumper and precrimped wires. If this header is not convenient for your application, you can pull the crimped wires out of the header or cut the header off.

The following table describes the wire functions:

We provide a cable for this encoder to connect the encoder motor to the motor driver. Is it necessary to add another cable that just break out the pin of the encoder? We need your suggestion.

2. Encoder Motor Driver

We have also designed a motor driver for this encoder motor as following picture shows.

This driver can drive two encoder motors. We have added an Arduino Nano on this board and it has become the main controller of the encoder motor. Users can use an Arduino board to control the on board Arduino Nano by I2C communication protocol. We also provide an Arduino library that contains different kinds of control interfaces. Programming and controlling may be easier now. Wring is easy too. By using the cable we provide just connect the board to Me-Base Shield on Port 1 or Port2 and connect the encoder motor to the driver board on Connector 1 or Connect 2.

And of course, you can drive two Encoder Motor at the same time.

3. About the Test Project

We have just finished the designed of these two parts recently. And now we need the feedback and suggestions from our customers. So we make this test project.

Here is the conditions for applying this project:

  1. We hope you can write some detail feedback on testing the samples, either in this discussion, or in your own blog, or in other forum, or Facebook,you feedback will help us to improve the design, and we will be very appreciate if you can help us spread our product to other people.

  2. We will provide a library of the encoder motor driver on Github soon this week. we hope you can help us improve the library.

  3. There will be a wiki about how to use this product, you know we are not native English speakers, it might be hard for us to write a good instructions, we need your help.-:slight_smile:

  4. We just have 5 packages of this test project kit, including one encoder and one encoder motor driver. If you don’t have our DC motors, you can ask us to send you one for testing. So just 5 people can get our testing package.(motors are not included in the default testing package)

  5. You will get this testing parts for free but you might pay us the shipping fee, if you make an order on our web-store, we can send the testing package together with your order, no additional fee needed.

You can email us to apply for the testing package,we will select 5 people to send them the package next week. And will post the status of these packages here in this topic.users with professional background that can help us on the electronic improvement or library improvement are preferred, we would also prefer those who can help us spread our product in blog or SNS channel.

If you are willing to join in. just write here or send me an email at: eric@makeblock.cc


Eric from Makeblock


I’d love to help testing -

There should be a new order that has not been shipped yet to combine the shipping.

Stijn Kuipers / Zephod


Of course I am candidate.



Is there a programming-header available on the arduino-nano to update that code too? I noticed the lego-bridge also having a nice atmega on there (with the 6 isp pins exposed) but I could not get that hooked up to my stk500 yet.


Hi Stijn,
We will release the library of the arduino-nano soon. And what’s more, this kind of motor driver can also use to drive the Lego Motor if you change the connector on board to Lego Motor connector.


Hi Georges,
We are so glad that you want to join this project. We will contact you soon.


For production could you also support 3v3 logic? I see that the encoder supply is rated 5V. It probably mean that the A/B outputs are also 5V logic, right? Most recent embedded boards such as Arduino Due are 3v3 only so it would be annoying to have to plug an extra level shifter just to capture the encoders outputs. Is that planed to have a tolerant converter for the final board?

Also, I would prefer if the standalone kit (the one containing only the encoder) is sold without the header soldered so I could easily solder wires directly. The header could be soldered instead for the people who want it (of course for the kit with your driver board that makes sense to have it pre-soldered).

I am very impatient to buy them … when they are available that is :wink:


Hello all,

Is this going to be the next version of “Me Lego Motor Bridge" (something like: v3.0) or is it going to be a completely different product?



I would love to test the product. I’ve been trying to get five motors going on my project for a long time.


Hi @BridgerWild , the schedule of factory is really slow here. Maybe 1 month later. We will put the news here ASAP if we get it.


@Johnny @Eric So where do we get just the encoder kits. where can we get the Me Encoder driver?




you have done a great job