Neuron not working with mBlock in Windows PC


Based on documentation in , I connected supplied micro-USB to bluetooth and then the power module and finally to check - the display module.

In mBlock - experimental edition made sure Neuron is selected and subsequently attempted to connect as per guide using USB. As I have multiple USB devices I double checked the correct COM port to use using Microsoft Device Manager.

I found mine’s listed as COM5 but with the yellow exclamation mark. Upon diving deep following is the error message device driver reports:
Tab: GENERAL: "This device cannot start. (Code 10). A device which does not exist was specified"
Tab: EVENTS: “Device USB\VID_0483&PID_5740&MI_00\7&2634ff6b&0&0000 requires further installation”.

I attempted to find latest drivers and there are none. My windows got refreshed with latest greatest daily so the issue of not having latest drivers does not surface.

As a proof - when I attempt to connect via mBlock into this port: COM5, its refused.


Hi bmninada
Please try the driver mentioned in this post.