Arduino Create web-based IDE


You might have to use 7zip to make the zip file. The mac uses GNU zip and apparently the Arduino IDE library loader doesn’t like that flavor of zip. You can get 7zip here or install it via brew, fink, or macports.


Hi I’ve tried doing what you described .

when I attempt to upload the file to the web-based ide

I get an error. see attached.

Zip file cannot be imported.

Edit: I tried on OSX and Windows 10


Can anyone please confirm if this still works ??? I’ve been fiddling around with this web IDE and it simply won’t import the makeblock libraries


Per the forum moderator, it is a bug that they say will be fixed tomorrow (link).


Have you tried it?

I just attempted to …still no luck … I do get an upload progress bar then an error message. A few days ago there was no progress bar during upload.


Just re-tested. It’s still broken. :frowning: